Armenian Cooking is for all those with a desire to learn to cook the food of the Armenians and other nationalities of the Near East.

We hope at ArmenianCooking.com, this site with its tested recipes and simplified directions will be helpful to those who have never tried Armenian Cooking.  We hope also that it will help those who are familiar with Armenian and Near Eastern cooking, for we have included many simple and helpful suggestions.

Other nationalities besides Armenians are familiar with some of the famous dishes and desserts included herein.  Among these nationalities we may include Arabs, Greeks, Jews, Syrians, Turks, etc.  Accordingly, American, Armenian, and Turkish (some Arabic) names are given for most of the recipes.  Many of the recipes are prepared in different ways.  For example, there are many different kinds of Pilaffs, Kebabs, Sarmas (Patats), Dolmas (Letzadzs), Lahmejouns, Kuftens, etc.  For this reason, many recipes are given with a great many variations.  Also, food recipes differ from city to city and from country to country in the Near East.

Most of the recipes are from Aintab, Turkey.  However, there are some recipes from Aleppo, Syria; some from Marash; Kilis; Arabkir; Harpoot; Smyrna; and of course, some recipes from America.

Preparation of Armenian food differs from preparation of American food.  In American cooking, the meat, cereal, and vegatables are usually cooked seperately, buttered, and seasoned with spices and sauces right on the dinner table.  In Armenian cooking, the meat and vegetables are cooked together.  In some meals (Dolma and Sarma), even the cereal is cooked together with the meat and vegetables and seasoned with spices, sauce, and lemon juice while cooking.

Armenians have many tasty main dishes, side dishes and pastries.  Whenever the Armenian churches and charitable organizations give food sales and bazaars, many Americans come from miles away to buy and enjoy Armenian food.  Quite often there is not enough food to last.

It is true that some of our Armenian or Near Eastern dishes and desserts are quite complicated and difficult to make.  A good recipe which contains all the ingredients in the correct amounts would help immensely in the preparation of these dishes and desserts.

It gives us great pleasure to share with you these Armenian and Near Eastern recipes.  Enjoy!